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playAbility Scale™

Since 1978, Parents’ Choice Foundation (a 501c3) has been reviewing children’s toys and media. That’s 40 years of celebrating toys and games that bridge the playroom to the classroom.

Today’s parents are looking for a deep dive. Not only do they want to know which toys and games help children learn, they want to know how. That’s why we’ve developed the PlayAbility Scale – a rating tool that’s rooted in science and grounded in play.

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Toys and Games Help Children Build Skills

But one toy or game can’t be all things to all children. Which toy builds which skills? And to what degree does it build them?

The PlayAbility Scale is a scientifically sound assessment tool that measures the skill-building properties of toys and games.

Toy and Game Packages Need Uniform Developmental Labeling

Toy and game packages display words, symbols of body parts, smiley faces, and check marks. But industry wide, package labels are neither consistent, uniform, nor easily understood.

Covering six domains: cognitive, academic, creative, communication, motor and social skills, the PlayAbility Scale uniformly measures the degree to which a specific toy or game builds one or more of those skill sets.

The PlayAbility Scale:
"Nutrition Labels" for Toys and Games

Our recent survey shows that 71% of parents would embrace an independent third-party labeling system that displays the learning value of toys and games. And that two-thirds of those parents would like to see the labels directly on packaging.

Like the nutrition label, a PlayAbility Scale rating is not about better or best; it’s about more, or less.

Who is it for?

The PlayAbility Scale is for parents who seek independent third-party information about which toys and games help build which skills.

The PlayAbility Scale is for therapists and educators who use toys and games in their work.

The PlayAbility Scale is for manufacturers who want to adopt one standard rating instrument, and one rating label format.

Learning Through Play Is Not Overrated™