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Brady Rymer Presents: “Drop in the Bucket”

Brady Rymer Presents:
“Drop in the Bucket”

The song, off of Brady’s Parents’ Choice Award-winning album “Under the Big Umbrella” offers an important message about how easy it is to be kind, and how even a small gesture can mean a lot.

By Parents' Choice


Conceived and filmed by young students, the video offers a genuine look inside the school community and the challenges and effort it takes to be a kind and conscientious individual.

“A few of the songs on our latest album, Under the Big Umbrella were inspired by the collaborative work that I had done with HC Johnson Elementary School’s music teacher, Missy O’Keeffe and her students. The students contributed lyrical ideas, song titles and even sang on a few tracks. While working with Missy on the recording, I was introduced to the High School award winning film department and the instructor, Ethan Noble. I asked if his high school kids would like to get involved and produce a music video for one of the songs on the album. We all agreed on “Drop in the Bucket” as a good choice because of the universal message of showing kindness in the schools. The kids took the idea and ran with it – creating different scenarios that explored kindness in the schools and community. The video was shot in two days with 300 elementary school extras and thousands of kindness balls.” – Brady Rymer

Produced and Directed by Jackson Liberty High School (NJ) Seniors: Rebecca Chiafullo and Lianne Richards.

Based on Bucket Fillers, the national elementary school initiative designed to promote kindness and compassionate behavior in the schools.

Produced and directed by two award winning Jackson High School seniors, Rebecca Chiafullo and Lianne Richards, the music video includes over 300 kids from the HC Johnson Elementary School as actors and extras. The video explores various scenarios on how to be kind and inclusive in the school environment.


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