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Parents’ Choice Awards: The “Helpers”

Parents' Choice Awards: The "Helpers"

In these topsy-turvy times, we all need to sing, and dance, and learn something new.
A BIG thank you to the Parents’ Choice Award winner “helpers” for providing these wonderful resources.

By Parents' Choice

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Justin Roberts is performing a “live concert” on his Facebook page – . And on his website, he has a page where he teaches kids how to make homemade musical instruments and other craft projects –
For Parents’ Choice review –

Bill Harley is doing free concerts for kids! For more details, go here 
He’s also released The Wash Your Hands song as a free download: 
For Parents’ Choice reviews – and

Mi Amigo Hamlet and Alina Celeste are performing daily free bilingual concerts together on their YouTube and Instagram channels!

Mi Amigo Hamlet – and

Alina Celeste – and

For Parents’ Choice reviews of their music go here – and

Aaron Nigel Smith is launching a YouTube program later today called The Big Up Show. It’s a music based variety show that promotes peace. To watch, go here –
For Parents’ Choice reviews –

Laura Doherty Music is performing “live concerts” on her Facebook page
For the Parents’ Choice review –

Maria Rossoto is making lyric videos from the songs on her CD!She started with “The Rot Thing to Do”, which teaches about composting – 
For Parents’ Choice review –

Animal Farm are hosting Music Circle Time and other activities on our Facebook page every day –
For Parents’ Choice review –


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ “

– Fred Rogers

Learning for All Ages:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood offers advice about ways to stay healthy as well as helping young children navigate new things, including at the following links –  Germs, Germs Go Away Handwashing and A Germ Fighting Superhero videos; Draw Your Feelings activity page; Doctor Daniel  game; and article on How to Prepare Children for Unexpected Events.
For Parents’ Choice review –

Yellow Scope Science Kits website, they have lots of free and fun science experiments that can be done at home with everyday items! Go here to start experimenting –
For Parents’ Choice review –

Ranger Rick Mags is giving free access to their website and digital magazines thru the end of June. Go here to access –
For Parents’ Choice reviews –

Bravery Mag presents Bravery School – a free 4-week daily curriculum delivered right to your inbox! Go here to access –
For the Parents’ Choice review of this Gold Award winner, go here-

Todo Math by Enuma is offering up a 14-day trial code! Go here to access –
For the Parents’ Choice review go here –

KidLit TV has free read aloud videos and other resources for homeschooling – 
For Parents’ Choice review –

WURRLYedu. is offering schools free access to their music education program until July 1st.Go here for more information –
For Parents’ Choice review –

Kodable is offering up free resources here: 
For Parents’ Choice review – 

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