Parents' Choice Foundation

Food for Thought

Welcome to FOOD for THOUGHT – a Parents’ Choice Foundation book donation program designed to nourish young minds and imaginations. 

As we watched COVID-19 upend lives and livelihoods, schools, and spirits, we saw families waiting in long lines for donations from food pantries, restaurants, or grocery stores.

The pandemic has not just removed many families’ ability to put a meal on the table. It has also separated many children from a different kind of nourishment – that which comes from books.

For many kids, the classroom is their only access to ­­­­holding a book in their hands.  School libraries are often the only place where imaginations can soar while pages are turned.

Parents’ Choice Foundation has championed children’s literature since 1978. We believe that children need good books as much as they need good food.

We wondered: What if we could combine nutrition for the body with nourishment for the mind and soul? What if we could pair a book pantry with a food pantry?

Yes, we can.

Our pilot program is launching with a generous gift of 3,000 books from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt book publishers.

The logo is courtesy of Peter H. Reynolds, aka The Word Collector.

Powered by the Baltimore City Public Schools, books will be distributed via its 18 emergency meal sites. 

We’ll keep you updated as this program grows.