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About The Awards Program

Established in 1978, Parents’ Choice Awards® is the nation’s oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s toys and media.

In a landscape awash with products marketed as “educational,” the Parents’ Choice Awards Program identifies those that live up to the marketing claims. Our selection process screens for originality of design and purpose, long-term learning value, long-term play value, fair market value, and fun. Parents’ Choice Award winners attest to the power of learning through play.

Trust. Integrity. Independence. Since 1978.

For 40+ years, the Parents’ Choice Award Seals have been internationally recognized and respected icons of quality.

As playthings and playspaces have changed over time, we’ve expanded the program’s original categories to stay current. The Parents’ Choice Awards categories now include books, toys, games and puzzles, subscription boxes, music and storytelling, magazines, mobile apps, podcasts, television and websites. 

The Parents' Choice Awards Program

Champions and media that prompt questions like How? Why? and What If?


...books that tempt even the most reluctant of readers.


...well-crafted music that respects, not insults, children.


...when learning is powered by play.


...products that bridge the classroom to the playroom.

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Parents' Choice Awards are Trusted

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, here’s what some of our winners have to say.

Winning a Parents' Choice Gold Award gave the Money Savvy Pig instant, respected and independent credibility. We know that parents use the Parents' Choice Awards as a short cut to their own research on the benefits of a particular product; gift and toyshops do too.
Susan Beacham
Ceo, Money Savvy Generation
The Parents’ Choice Award consistently celebrates quality children’s books that are immensely appealing to kids and parents alike. We are so honored when our books are chosen – it means a lot to us!
Jaime Tan
Senior Publicist Candlewick Press
Parents' Choice Foundation offers smart, well-considered evaluations. I always recommend the Parents' Choice Awards program to my clients; each product receive a fair and expert review. A Parents' Choice Award offers a highly respected, invaluable boost for any new CD or DVD.
Beth Blenz-Clucas
Sugar Mountain PR

Our Award Panelists

The Parents’ Choice Awards program evaluation criteria set benchmarks; the integrity of our process has been highly respected for more than 40 years.

With the generosity of time and spirit, parents, grandparents, librarians, educators, writers, artists, musicians, performing artists, and yes, children from across the country participate in the rigorous review and selection process. We couldn’t accomplish our tasks without their help.

They test toys and games, read books, listen to music, play with apps and watch TV. Sound like fun? It is, but it’s also hard work. They invest considerable time and effort when evaluating products submitted to the Parents’ Choice Awards program.

Our panelists are as committed as we are to poking, and prodding, and thinking things through.