5 for 5 Trivia

Ages: 6 - 12Producer: Pinna Artist: Pinna

Each episode of this audio trivia program for kids on Pinna, the on-demand, ad-free, subscription-based audio service, packs five fast-paced trivia questions into about four minutes, and that includes the entertaining, witty banter from the host Amadeo Fusca.

Five days a week, Monday through Friday, with a weekly theme, listeners get five questions per episode and five seconds to answer each of them. Most of the trivia questions are multiple choice, some are True or False. Some questions are easier than others, like the question about the bird egg the size of a jellybean: What bird is it? An Ostrich or a Jamaican hummingbird? Easy. Or, this one: True or false, the tallest building in the United States is in New York City? True! (One World Trade….)

Others are more challenging: Is a sea star a carnivore or an herbivore? Answer: Carnivore.

Themes range from World Records to Inventions, from Underwater Explorations to Superheroes and from Puppies to Video Games. And the amiable Amedeo not only reveals the correct answer for each question after five seconds are up, he also explains the answer, sometimes telling a background story about it.

Can your child score a “perfect 5 for 5” in an episode? Even if not, so many facts and so much random knowledge are packed into each episode that getting quizzical here becomes a fun four minutes of enjoyable learning.


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A former feature writer and consumer columnist at The Washington Post for 22 years, Don Oldenburg is the Director of Publications and Editor of the National Italian American Foundation, in Washington, D.C. He regularly reviews books for USA Today and is the coauthor of “The Washington DC-Baltimore Dog Lovers Companion” (Avalon Travel). The proud father of three sons, he lives with his journalist-author wife, Ann Oldenburg, in McLean, VA.

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