Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club

Ages: 5 - 9Manufacturer: Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Subscription Price: $ 19.95 per Month


Caring for dinosaur lovers just got easier. Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club boxes open to a charming personalized welcome letter with a little intro about the featured creature, be it speed (Velociraptor), weight (Tyrannosaurus), or teeth (Stegosaurus). The colorful tissue gives way to the contents: a paperback book, a toy dinosaur, a colorful information sheet, activity book (coloring or stickers or other activities,) all specific to that month’s dinosaur. It’s educational, informative, and allows for imaginative play; something that dinosaur families know all too well.
The suggested age range seems broad, but appeals to a reader’s growth, from emerging to independent. For a younger child, the material requires adult assistance; there’s a lot of information on each page and the artwork is quite detailed. The contents address both roaring time and quiet time. The dinosaur figurine is well sized, durable, and detailed, perfect for a young child who likes to imagine the creatures running and stomping and growling and eating. The books and activities like coloring and sticker fun require inside voices only.

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