A Thousand Sisters: The Heroic Airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II

Ages: 12 and upPublisher: Harper Collins Author: Elizabeth E. Wein


Intelligence, courage, and skill are not gender related. In 1938, Marina Raskova and two other Soviet women broke a world record on a long-distance flight across Siberia.  Educated as a pilot in the Soviet Union at a time when girls had the same educational advantages as boys, Marina Raskova not only became world famous, she became an inspiration to other young women. When the Soviet Union entered WWII in 1941, Marina used her fame and friendship with Stalin to establish and train three separate bomber and fighter regiments made up of a thousand female aviators.  While allied countries deprived their women aviators of roles in air warfare, the Soviets took full advantage of theirs.


Told in compelling prose, the stories about these brave individuals fighting the Nazis in air battles and bombing raids are unusual and inspiring. Finding photographs to accompany the text must have been difficult; they are a welcome accompaniment.

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