A to Z Mysteries Clue Club

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Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are their names; solving mysteries is their Clue Club game. This trio of elementary school kids investigates not-so-serious crimes (“Bicycle Burglars,” “The Disappearing Deliveries,” “The Stars and Stripes Swindle”) and strange happenings in their small town of Greenlawn, following clues and interviewing witnesses and suspects to wrap up the cases—all with alliterative, alphabet-based titles. In “The Concert Catastrophe,” for example, a music teacher’s lucky baton goes missing and the trio must locate and piece together clues to decode a ransom note; in “The Perplexing Pages,” riddles placed inside library books about a detective bear lead the sleuths to catch a thief in the act. The upbeat, stand-alone episodes offer well-paced fun (and you-are-there sound effects) while promoting critical thinking by encouraging listeners to reason along as the Clue Club investigates. Written by Melissa Sarno and Judy Katschke, the show is based on Ron Roy’s popular chapter book mysteries.


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