Absolutely Everything!

Ages: 9 - 12Publisher: What on Earth Books Author: Christopher LloydIllustrator: Andy Forshaw


Author Christopher Lloyd asks a lot of questions; the answers prompt more. In Absolutely Everything! Lloyd connects paths of science, nature and history and explains events, discoveries and timelines as though they were plotlines and characters in an adventure story.


With a reporter’s determination and a keenly sharpened author’s “voice,” Lloyd takes readers from “Nothing to Something” (13.8 billion – 450 million years ago) through Rising and Falling Empires, and from Medieval Misery to the 1945 and forward section titled “To Be Continued.”


Many paragraphs begin with the word “imagine,” others with “Do you believe ?”, “Do you like ?” or “What would you have done ?? pulling readers in and giving them a place and purpose. And the red satin bookmark makes it feel like a sacred text.


A wonderful gift for the curious and the families who love them. Not to be missed.


Claire Green ©2018 Parents’ Choice

As president of Parents’ Choice Foundation, Claire applauds toys and media that unleash children’s interests and celebrate the fun of learning.