Action Dinomask T-Rex

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Y Factory

The Action Dinomask T-Rex is a head sized DIY heavy duty paper mask that parents put together and children wear. The size works well; not too big to be overwhelming for small heads, but big enough to not feel claustrophobic. The ability to see through the large mouth opening (complete with paper teeth) gives young T-Rex pretenders a 66 million-year old perspective.

The no reading required instructions are guided by pictures; the tabs and slots are clearly numbered but require an adult to successfully manipulate. Once assembled, our young testers took to the masks like a T-Rex to a meal. They roared as they roamed the playroom, and wiped milk from their chins as they ate breakfast. When taking a break from behaving like the king of the tyrant lizards, the free app lets kids learn more about dinosaurs of all stripes and sizes.

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