Alphabet Formation Songs to Write the ABCs

Ages: 2 - 6Producer: HeidiSongs


This educational DVD is designed to help very young children recognize and write upper-case and lower-case letters.  Diverse young adults bop against animated backgrounds, giving each letter of the alphabet its due. Sequences generally last less than one minute.

The adults “draw” letters using large arm motions and animated graphics form those letters on screen.  For example, the musical sequence for the letter D includes a backdrop with a dump truck and dirt site.  Lyrics instruct children to Drive down to the dump / Rumble back up as the cheerful live-action character draws a straight line down.  Then, animation completes the letter to the lyrics and arm motion Make a great big bump!   

The dancing, music, movement, and lighthearted graphics are bubbly and may keep very young children engaged.  According to the HeidiSongs website, this educational method is called Multisensory Structured Language Education and it incorporates music and body motions to reinforce learning.  Lyrics offer lots of repetition for letter pronunciation, and the graphics are a good visual reference to help children recognize upper case letters and their lower-case counterparts.

The tunes aren’t particularly distinctive; lyrics sometimes feel forced to fit the theme of the animation; and the overall tone is somewhat old-fashioned for kids who may be used to flashier products with a 21st century feel.  On the plus side, the sequences for each letter stand alone, offering parents or educators lots of flexibility to use excerpts as needed to teach a lesson or reinforce letter formation.


Gina Catanzarite ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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