Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Ages: 3 - 12Developer: Amazon

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a one-stop-shop subscription service that grants children unlimited access to a wide variety of age-appropriate books, videos, games, tv shows and apps. There are books on topics ranging from super heroes and Star Wars to Minecraft and sharks. The video selection includes full episodes of popular shows from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and National Geographic Kids. The many games and apps include those from Lego, Fruit Ninja, Little Piano, and Dr. Panda’s Restaurant.


To us however, the significance of the app is the parental control. Via the Parent Dashboard, parents can set time limits, manage age filters and children’s profiles, and even block access to games and videos until homework is finished or a certain pile of toys has been picked up and put away.


FreeTime Unlimited is available on every Fire Kids Edition tablet, in the App Store or in Google Play. Parental controls accessible remotely from parents’ devices be they Android or iOS. The subscription, which can include up to four individual profiles, can be shared across devices of the same operating system.

As of this review, a one-year pre-paid Family Plan is $119 for non-Prime members, and $83 with Prime. Commitment issues? Take it for a test drive. The free trail and/or the subscription can be cancelled at any time.


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