Annedroids Compubot Plus

Ages: 6 - 10Developer: Sinking Ship Entertainment


Compubot Plus is puzzle game that requires players to program their customized robots to move through mazes, avoid obstacles, and collect crystals. Children are provided a series of simple commands (e.g., forward, right turn, left turn, activate command, and jump) that they program their robots to execute step-by-step. Players select command tiles and use them to build their robot’s program. They even learn how to combine common series of commands into function to save memory.

Because the tiles are laid out in front of players and highlighted as they are executed, children can quickly and easily see if they made a mistake, where they made it, and how to correct it. Not only does the app teach programming skills but also analytical thinking, problem-solving, and patience.

>p>The app features over 60 progressively-leveled challenges requiring increasingly complex programs. So, the game has excellent long-term play and learning values.

Additionally, the app features an augmented-reality function through which children can see and program their customized robots in the real world. This was, by far, one of my son’s favorite features. Although not as challenging and content rich as the main components of the app, it was very entertaining. For the small price tag of 99 cents, this app offers hours of educational play.

Sharon Heuscher ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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