Anomia Kids

Ages: 5 and upManufacturer: Anomia Press

The no reading required word game calls on young players to use wit, visual perception, and vocabulary skills. The contemporary design of the cards shows a black and white image of an object, animal, plant or fruit and a colored symbol of lines, squiggles, dots and more.

Basic play is easy to learn. Taking turns, players draw a card and turn it face-up so all players can see it. If the colored symbol on one player’s card matches the colored symbol on another player’s card, the matching-card players race to be the first to shout a word that starts with the same sound as the image on the opponent’s card. For example, if the image is a telescope, be the first to shout terrarium or turtle. If the image is a pair of glasses, call out ginger or gully. Correct answers are the same sounds, not letter(s): a correct answer for a clock image could be kangaroo or candy. Some brains moved quickly, others occasionally froze. Some tongues wagged while others stayed tied but fun was had by all.

Of the manufacturer’s suggested variations on game play, our hands down favorite was playing in a different language.

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