ARGO PREP Math Workbooks Grades 1-5

Ages: 6 and upPublisher: Argo Prep Author: Argo Brothers


It is hard to imagine K-8 supplementary math books that appeal—or are at least palatable—to all children. There is a need for variety of approaches, and the Argoprep series is a novel alternative. It follows a down- to-earth style that treats readers with respect and is worth a try if your student needs extra instruction and practice or is interested in math and enjoys new challenges.

We looked at the Introducing Math! for grades 1-5 and spent the most time with the book and companion website for grade 1.  The books are organized by concept, and within these specific skills. Even the grade 1 book emphasizes ideas rather than math fact drills and memorization.  The website explains how each problem in the book is answered. The narrator does not talk down to the student and comes across as the nerdy but interested uncle with a pocket protector. There are no flashy production gimmicks, and there is no chance that the online resources will be mistaken for a game.  Answers to the problems in the books are explained and, importantly, why incorrect answers in multiple choice questions are wrong. If your student does not respond well to flashing lights meant to reward correct answers and can learn from mistakes when errors are calmly explained, this series may be just the ticket.

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