Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: USAopoly


Astro Trash is a fun and fast paced game where players must rid their playmats, aka planets, of trash – by dumping it on another player’s planet. Astro Trash may not be a viable solution to scrub the universe of space junk, but it’s a lot of fun to play. Hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, and focus are all PlayAbility ™ skills that make this galaxy shine.

Players are given a fixed number (and random assortment) of trash pieces and three dice. Simultaneously, players roll their 3-dice set to determine how many, of which color and which shape, and in which direction to offload the rubbish. But watch out! Just as you’re clearing your trash, space junk can land on your planet – from the left and the right. Be the first to rid your planet of trash and win a trophy. The first player to secure three trophies wins.

Our tester families signaled loud and clear: this is F-U-N that makes us pay attention.

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