Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: littleBits Electronics, Inc.

This wearable tech kit lets kids build, customize, and then roleplay as one of their favorite characters from the Marvel Avengers Universe. Like other littlebits sets, this build requires kids to create basic circuits using snap together electronic building blocks. The superhero gauntlet includes an accelerometer that senses movement and a Bluetooth Low Energy Bit that allows kids to use the app to interact wirelessly. In addition to building the internal working components player/learners construct the outer shell that houses them.

Engineers start by downloading the free Hero Inventor app that enlists them in superhero training via a series of lessons taught by an assortment of favorite Marvel super heroes. Lessons include gauntlet assembly, how to create images on the round LED Matrix Bit, how to use the accelerometer to create a circuit that tracks your speed while you train, build in sound effects, use the light sensor that automatically turns your Matrix on and off in the dark, and more. It wouldn’t be a littlebits kit without coding and this build has kids using block code to send secret messages, animate the Matrix, and create their own challenges. As kids advance through the lessons, the training wheels come off and they’re able to unlock more superpowers.

This tech build is a superb blend of kids learning real world skills while having out of this world fun.

Note: Either iPhone or iPad (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android phone or tablet (OS 5.0 or later) is needed to build and control your Avengers gear. As of this review, Amazon devices were not yet compatible.

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