Beverly, Right Here

Ages: 10 and upPublisher: Candlewick Press Author: Kate DiCamillo


In 1979, fourteen-year-old Beverly Tapinski ‘s beloved dog, Buddy has died.   Heart –broken, Beverly buries Buddy and leaves home. With a mother who has never cared about anyone but herself, Beverly has no qualms about hitching a ride with her unappealing cousin to Tamaray Beach, Florida, along Highway, A-1A. Determined to be independent, she returns the loud greeting of a woman outside her pink trailer in the “Seahorse Court” trailer park, but continues down the highway. Needing a job, she enters “Mr. C’s” restaurant” where she tells the owner that she is sixteen. He promptly hires her to bus the tables and tells her to return the next morning. Wandering back to the trailer park, she begins talking to the woman, Iola Jenkins, who invites her inside, fixes her a tuna melt sandwich and asks her if she can drive a car.

Beverly is resolved to protect her heart by not caring about anyone, but she has inadvertently—and fortuitously— fallen in with a cast of colorful and caring people.

Beverly, Right Here is the third in DiCamillo’s trilogy about the lives of three friends: Ramie, who stayed, Louisiana who left, and the searching Beverly who ultimately couldn’t resist love in myriad forms. This is a wonderful, understanding, perceptive, coming-of-age novel.



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