Bianca City Life Dollhouse

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: KidKraft


This 4-story, 5’5″ dollhouse offers 360 degrees of play, ideal for multiple children to interact and play together, or simply (and quietly) play alone.

The loft-style, city living design includes six vignettes: a clothing boutique, cafe with patio, pet salon with pet park, gym, living quarters, and pool. Like many real-life urban planners and architects have done, KidKraft’s unique floor plan takes the play upward, using less floor space. The 26 accessories include a treadmill, working lights, a working elevator, moveable staircase, and stickers for personalizing. There’s even a picture frame to hold a child’s artwork.

As our youngest testers played, they learned about different kinds of houses, talked about what they would sell in their boutique and what kinds of pets came to the salon, gained new vocabulary, socialized and shared in cooperative play. The older testers took their imaginations to the top floors.

That said, the construction is not for novices. Our parent testers, well acquainted with toys and the tools to put them together, all reported a 5-6 hour assembly.

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