BioGlo: Bioluminescent Aquarium

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Magical Microbes


Shaped like an hourglass, the BioGlo Aquarium shows off the bioluminescence of hundreds of tiny microbes called dinoflagellates. These microbes, or “Dinos” as they’ve been nicknamed, absorb the sun’s rays during the day and cast a blue glow at night.

The set includes: one BioGlo aquarium, one set of nutrient vials and salt (Growth Medium), a carry bag and a dino redemption coupon. Nascent marine biologists need to supply one liter of spring or distilled water.

Once the dinos arrive, follow the instructions carefully. Some of these tiny living creatures experience harder journeys than others; the bioluminescence can take up to two weeks to blossom. Several of our testers reported that their Dinos started to glow within a few days. All noted that it is in fact “amazing” to see the tiny microbes glow. And for once, kids were happy to turn out the lights.

At home or at school, the BioGlo is best –and highly suited for those fascinated with microbes and bioluminescence. The BioGlo manufacturer’s website urges care and caution with these living creatures — excellent things to teach and practice. “We do not advocate the release of organisms into the environment. … Donate your Dinos to another person, donate to a local zoo or wildlife center or dispose of humanely as a last resort. Please call your local Game Warden or Wildlife Specialist for recommendations.”


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