Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Playtime Engineering, LLC


Blipblox is a unique musical instrument, much more than a toy. Although its large, colorful buttons, knobs and levers might give the impression it is designed for young children, the playful design contains a highly sophisticated audio synthesizer, capable of synchronizing with and controlling professional keyboards and equipment. By design, no step-by-step instructions are included, and so just like any musical instrument, you learn by playing with it.

While it is fun to play around with right out of the box, and safety rated for children as young as 3, our testing suggests that the ideal audience for it is a bit older, perhaps 7 and up. Younger kids will find the lights and colorful buttons attractive, even engaging, and the sounds quite silly. However, understanding the controls’ effects takes patience and attention more likely to be found in older kids. Blipblox comes preprogrammed with hundreds of electronic melodies, which can then be modified through dials controlling volume, speed, equalizing filters and oscillators. Although it’s easy to explore this just by playing with knobs and listening, users interested in more detailed information will want to visit the product’s website, which provides more in-depth tutorials on different ways to experiment. An excellent product for budding electronic musicians, sound engineers, and DJs interested in exploring the intricate world of audio synthesis.

Jennifer Wells ©2019 Parents’ Choice

For more than 20 years, Jennifer has been developing play experiences for children, with beloved organizations like Highlights and LEGO. With a Master’s degree in Children & Media, a Bachelor’s in Music, and a love of Star Trek, Jennifer has many layers.

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