Boys’ Life Magazine

Ages: 6 - 17Publisher: Boy Scouts of America Subscription Price: $ 12 for One Year / 10 issues

Published monthly by the Boy Scouts of America, Boys’ Life magazine is designed to spotlight scouts’ accomplishments and service projects, and offer practical advice, facts, DIY projects and fun.

The editors’ task—appealing to broad age range (6-17)—isn’t easy.  Each issue has 11 regular “Departments” (e.g. “Ask Us Anything,” “BL Headliners,” “Religious Emblems”) and an equal number of sections under the “Comics” heading (“Mazes & More,” “Dink, Duff & Dezi,” et al). Pedro, a Mail Burrow answers readers’ mail, the Gear Guy reviews products from bug repellent to backpacks. Readers learn about a fishing hole that’s more than 10,000 feet high, about a hike up Utah’s Kings Peak that’s both a physical and mental challenge. Fun Fact: The seven rays on the Statue of Liberty’s crown represent the seven seas and seven continents. The reader-submitted Think & Grin section is eye-rolling silly: Q: In what state does the Mississippi River flow? A: Liquid!


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Claire is president of Parents’ Choice Foundation and serves as a judge on several national toy and music award committees. She champions toys, books, and media that offer children new perspectives and playful adventures in learning.

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