Brain Games: Family Edition

Ages: 13 - 16Publisher: Litton Entertainment

“We’re going to mess with your mind,” says host Jason Silva. It’s a threat and a promise—and he follows through during every episode of Brain Games: Family Edition. The fascinating and intriguing show explores all sorts of topics having to do with that chunk of gray matter in your skull.

The “games”—there are usually around five per episode —focus on how we processes information, from colors to memory to something called a Deictic Gaze (when you look where other people are looking). Other brain teaser-ish challenges involve the old yawning-is-contagious concept and a funny experiment illustrating how lines are circles to our eyes.

Fast-paced, clear and sure to hold your brain’s attention, Brain Games encourages everyone in the family to take a step back to look at why we view the world as we do. Literally.

Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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