BRIO Builder Motor Set

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: BRIO


Fun and challenging, the 121-piece Brio Builder Motor Set engages kids in the concept of open-ended building play. With no directions, little ones are tasked with figuring out the how’s, where’s and why’s- taking experimenting and problem solving to new dimensions. Our testers commented on the high quality and durability of the parts, as well as the good variety of textures, colors and shapes. The motor itself is a highlight; the speed delivers enough movement to be fun, but it moves slowly enough to observe the gear movement and see what “makes it go”.

This is a set that will do well with a parent guiding younger ones to introduce the pieces and their functions. Once the kids build one thing that moves, they learn how the elements work.  And the windows for other building ideas and engineering feats have been thrown wide open.


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