Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: WowWee


The BriteBrush is a neat new way to help kids learn to brush their teeth properly. This game-based toothbrush is smart; the sensors in the base provide real-time feedback on the position of the toothbrush head, whether or not kiddos are using the correct brushing technique and prompts and detects when the child has switched sides. Seven games (Space Attack, Soccer Pinball, Dance Star, Punch Master, Race Car Rally, Arcade and Rockstar Jam!) guide the process and fun. Our young testers enjoyed unlocking the games and frequently asked if it was time to brush yet.

Parents applauded the red/yellow/green light indicator that shows how thoroughly the child brushed their teeth – freeing them from having to hover over a soon-to-be independent brusher. The adjustable volume control for the sound effects and voiceover was also appreciated.  All in all, a playful way to get kids brushing correctly and without fuss.

The BriteBrush includes two soft brush heads (1 purple and 1 green) as well as the required batteries to get started. As of this writing, a three-pack of replacement brush heads will be available in July.


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