Bug Blonsky and His Very Long List of Don’ts

Ages: 6 - 9Publisher: Candlewick Press Author/Illustrator: E.S. Redmond


Benjamin “Bug” Blonsky has a very long list of don’ts. From the relatively tame Don’t spray whipped cream in your mouth for breakfast, to the cautionary Don’t eat leftover meatloaf for lunch (“because if you do, Kirby Dinklage will yuck your yum”). E.S. Redmond writes, draws, and delivers the set up and punch lines with aplomb. The characters in Bug’s world – his classmates, Mrs. Killjoy the lunch monitor, and Principal Sternsly – ring as true as any.

With a spot-on voice of a second grader, Bug Blonsky will captivate the wigglers and bewitch the easily distracted. A very fun read for all.

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