Button, Button, Belly Button

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: MindWare


Easy to learn and fun to play, this clever color matching game asks players to help the Bear collect his buttons.

The game box includes: game board, 21 colorful cards (buttons and belly buttons) and a wooden “button mover.” By turn, each player uses the “button mover” to tap four random (face down) cards while saying “Button, Button, Belly Button”. One tap per word. On the final tap, the player flips over the card. If the card reveals a button, players work to match the card with matching button image on the gameboard. If the card reveals a “belly button” players say “Belly Button!”(and can show their own belly button if they wish) and match that card to the belly button space on the board. Players take turns until all the cards are matched. No winners or losers, just a fun time had by all.

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