Call for Entries: DVD


The Call for Entries is open from May 13 – June 17, 2019

Winners will be announced on August 15, 2019

Submission Fee:
For titles with one disc: $250
For titles with two discs: $350

Submission Requirements:
– Two samples of each title submitted.
– Hi-res image of each product.

Please be as specific and accurate as possible when completing the form. Information provided on this form will be used in listing award-winning products on our website. Omitted information may result in delayed processing of your application.

DVD/Blu-ray Entry Form

Please provide the following information about your entry. You may submit multiple titles by clicking 'Add to cart" and re-filling the form. Products with different company, publicity or payment information must be submitted in a separate order.

Please have your payment information ready before filling out the form.

Please upload an image you would like displayed with your product
Please select 1-3 categories which best describe the subject matter of this product.
Please list keywords that would best be used to find your product in a search. Words may be listed with spaces in-between, no commas are necessary.

Availability info

Parents' Choice provides a direct link to and 1 additional retailers' websites from winning product pages.

Award Notification Contact

We need a single Award Notification contact, Usually this is a contact within the products' company, or sometimes it could be an external contact at a PR or publicity company.

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