Ages: 3 - 6Publisher: Bayard Canada Subscription Price: $ 34.95 for Year


Chirp, aptly called “The See and Do, Laugh and Learn Magazine,” draws young children into its colorful, confidence-building, play-and-learn pages with all manner of activities, humor, stories and poems. Guided through each themed issue by the magazine’s title character, a happy yellow chick in red boots, children can find original “board” games to play, enjoy jokes, solve puzzles, make simple, yummy recipes (rainbow toast, rocket sandwiches, cocoa dip) and such crafts as animal masks, a cardboard dump truck, and clay-like “super sand.” Regular features include the cartoon adventures of the irrepressible “Vole Brothers,” a “Chirp and Friends” comic strip, and short stories (audio of the authors reading them is available at the Owlkids website). Last winter’s jam-packed, space-themed issue included a “Meteor Maze” puzzle, a pictograph story about Chirp’s “moon cookies,” a retelling of a traditional Anishinaabe tale about how wolverines came to earth, and facts about the International Space Station, Mars, and grizzly bears (inspired by the Ursa Major constellation).

Lynne Heffley ©2019 Parents’ Choice

A freelance writer and editor for the arts and non-profit organizations, Lynne is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, where she established the paper’s first weekly children’s arts and entertainment beat.

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