Ages: 2 - 12Publisher: ChopChop Kids Subscription Price: $ 16.95 for Year


Following in their mother’s footsteps, my kids love to cook; they can watch the same episodes of “The Great British Baking Show” or the “Kids Baking Championship” over and over again. And when I step into the kitchen to make dinner or try out a new recipe, they always seem to magically appear to ask if they can help. It’s exciting that they’ve found the same enthusiasm that I have for all things culinary, but not every experiment in the kitchen is made for little helpers.

Thank you, ChopChop! Aside from taking the kids away from screen based “cooking along,” this kid-centered quarterly culinary magazine is filled with recipes that are the right level of difficulty for beginning cooks. But easy recipes aren’t all ChopChop has to offer. Issues include introductions to basic cooking skills (think blanching or caramelizing onions), cool foodie profiles, kitchen science, taste tests and even a sprinkling of on-the-page games like food-centric word finds and vocabulary quizzes.

ChopChop delivers on its healthy mission. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional sweet treat baking session, the results are not much more than empty calories. Here, one sweet treat recipe is spears of watermelon, mango, cucumber, jicama, papaya and pineapple, sprinkled with lime, chile powder and a little bit of salt. ChopChop ensures that no matter what young chefs choose to make from each issue, it’s guaranteed to have nutritional value. A magazine that focuses on setting good nutritional habits while developing skills is very appetizing.

Joy Howard ©2018 Parents’ Choice

Joy Howard is a freelance food writer and stylist whose first kitchen appliance was an Easy Bake Oven. When not busy cooking, you can find Joy obsessively reading political blogs or trying to convince her daughters that picking up their toys does not violate child labor laws.