Chugga Choo

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: MindWare

Chugga Choo is a color matching game that meets puzzle problem solving in the train yard. The object of the game is to assemble four train puzzles with an engine, three filled boxcars and a caboose —all of matching colors. First, arrange the pieces: the four engines face up in a column (with room to add the cars), mix up and stack the box car pieces face down in a stack, and place all cargo and caboose pieces (face up) off to the side. The player/learner draws one boxcar puzzle piece and adds it to the engine of the same color. Choose any cargo tile (penguins, cupcakes, robots … ) and fill up the boxcar. When three matching color box cars are filled, finish the train with the matching color caboose. The game continues until all four train puzzles are complete.

Our testers were all aboard matching colors and mixing them up; the cargo tiles sparked questions and answers and stories galore. Their parents were delighted to play the game again and again. And again.

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