Ages: 3 - 8Publisher: AmazonAuthor: Paula KluthIllustrator: Vinsensiana Aprilia


In a celebration of differences, author Paula Kluth tells the story of Coaster – a remarkable puppy who lived in an animal shelter. It wasn’t Coaster’s “fine black coat with brown spots the color of milk chocolate” that made him remarkable. Or that one ear pointed up and the other one down. Or that “his nose was wet, and just the right amount of shiny.” Coaster was remarkable because he had wheels. The other puppies were sure he’d be the first to be adopted.

When people came to the shelter, they stopped at Coaster’s cage and watched him do tricks with his wheels. But after a few minutes, they moved on and chose to adopt a less remarkable puppy – until one day, after dreaming that he’d found his perfect person, there she was, sitting in front of his cage. And they left together “on wheels even grander and more amazing than his own.”

Vinsensiana Aprilia’s cheerful and retro-styled illustrations bring Kluth’s lovingly crafted and perfectly puppy-paced text to life and into the hearts of those who turn each page.


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