Codey Rocky

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Makeblock

This beckoning little robot introduces kids to basic, and not so basic, coding skills, AI technology and even the iOT. With a combination of software and hardware, ideas take life, playfully teaching programming skills.

To begin, users assemble the two parts of the robot: Codey, the brains, and Rocky, the nimble wheeled vehicle that translates and transports the brain’s instructions. After downloading the Makeblock app from the App or Play Stores, and software (PC or MAC) from the Makeblock website, coders are ready to go. The software, mBlock 5 is based on Scratch 3.0, the programming language developed for children by MIT; kids can also use the popular coding language, Python to build, code, and create. Our testers reported how seamless it was to set up the robot and navigate the app and software.

Codey contains 10 programmable electronic modules such as, an LED display, speaker, IR receiver/transmitter, moisture sensor, and gyroscope that kids access by writing their own coding program. Not only can kids get Codey Rocky to make music and facial expressions, they can program him into a working television remote, and train him to move around physical obstacles. Codey Rocky also encourages kids to write their own code by using the drag and drop blocks to create their own modules. With multiple ways to learn and an emphasis on imagination, Codey Rocky is a fun vehicle for teaching complex lessons through interactive play.

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