Continent Race

Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: Byron's Games


Collaborating with people around the world requires more than Zoom. At the very least, children should be able to name and locate the world’s continents. They should also know which continents are home to which countries.  Whether or not a student’s career will take her/him to the State Department, recognizing a country’s flag is a good skill for young global citizens to have.

Continent Race, a card game for two or more players ages 7 and up, presents geography lessons in a playful way. The rules are simple and the goal is clear: maintaining a hand of seven cards, players draw and discard to collect the required number of country cards from each continent. The first player to collect all the continents and locate the countries on the map wins. Different levels of play include mystery cards, wild cards and head to head challenges.

Contents include: one world map gameboard, five continent lists with maps, 205 country cards, and three Antarctica wild cards.


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