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Ages: 5 - 9Manufacturer: Cooper & Kid Subscription Price: $ 65 per Quarter


Proudly stated, the Cooper & Kid Subscription Boxes are designed for and directed to men with children ages 5-11. The premise, as well as the introductory letter, are intended and written specifically for dads. But the contents and activities are absolutely gender neutral.
Each box includes five cleverly educational and originally fun projects, detailed in the playfully informative and pun-filled guides. Each project is noted with level of difficulty – easy peasy, medium rare and hard as heck, as well as the time to complete. Just don’t assume that “easy peasy” equals instant gratification. It doesn’t and we’re glad. All materials are included; even the shipping box is put to good use. The fun and fascinating projects follow a theme: Machines in Motion, Treasure Trouble and Rainy Day Cruise are just a few. Additionally, there’s a theme dinner menu, a storybook, and the Beyond the Box online resources offers a “toolshed” of activities to continue the kit’s learning theme and the fun. Kit designers claim over six hours of quality time; we found more.
Our testers reported keen interest in the machines box, especially the craft activities that involved funny squeaky mice. They enjoyed the funny, creative chores in the Treasure chore game, and were intrigued by a game in the Cruise box. One Mom told us that her son enjoyed re-reading a favorite picture book, before announcing that it was a bit too young for him now.
Cooper & Kid projects can be easily done by parents without a great deal of crafty or mechanical acumen. Some of the pieces were more delicate that our hefty and thorough testers presumed. Luckily, glue was at hand.
Subscriptions can be transferred or put on hold for as long as a year.

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