Create A Castle Pro Kit

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Create A Castle


There’s much more to the Create A Castle Pro Kit than meets the eye. The cleverly designed and extraordinarily well produced split mold clips together to hold the building material (sand or snow). Once the material is tightly packed, the two pieces unclip, and the castle begins to take shape.

The multi-purpose tool helps gather and sculpt the sand or the snow as well as to cut or flatten an edge when building ramps and stairs. Young castle builders can use the window block and window cutter to add arrow slits, barbicans, battlements, a draw bridge, a machicolation, and of course a moat.  Oh, and they built their vocabulary too.

With some trial and error, our young testers found the right ratio of sand to water. After that, they started building up and spreading out. They learned about planning, design, and spatial relations. Our testers proclaimed this a quarantine highlight; the patio-built results were impressive and provided hours and hours of play.

The pro kit includes a Create A Castle 10 inch tower/turret split system cylinder and a 6 inch tower/turret split system cylinder, a corbel, one battlement brick form, a window cutter, a multipurpose tool, and a mesh backpack.


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