Cubelets Discovery Set

Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Modular Robotics


The Cubelets Discovery Set is an interesting entry into the robotics and coding space: a set of interlocking cubes, each with its own function that together create a robot.

The kit includes five Cubelets, a battery, a drive, a flashlight, a brightness sensor and a distance sensor. The set also includes two brick adapters, a Bluetooth® hat, a micro-USB cable and an instruction booklet. The companion app for mobile devices extends the experience into more detailed remote control and coding.

Each Cubelet is magnetic, making assembly and reconfiguration a snap. The Drive Cubelet includes the motor and wheels. Unfortunately, though, the motor proved a bit too powerful, as it tipped over quite frequently when engaged, regardless of how the other Cubelets were configured around it to try to balance it out — an excellent learning experience. The sensors and flashlight worked well, and our testers enjoyed experimenting with them.

The Bluetooth® connector pairs the Cubelets with a mobile device. However, with a decided nod to a retro style, the app’s dark-colored text on a dark blue background reads better on a tablet than a phone.

This a serious robotics set that will engage interested kids and participatory parents; the instructions focus on inquiry-based learning. From there, we expect that add-ons to the set will offer opportunities for imaginative play.


Jennifer Wells ©2019 Parents’ Choice


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