Design & Drill My First Workbench

Ages: 3 - 6Manufacturer: Educational Insights

My First Workbench was a happy surprise for our family testers. One mom summed it up this way: “All three of my kids play nicely, TOGETHER with this toy. And in my house, that is UNHEARD of! My 18-month old (with supervision) likes to put the nuts and bolts in the holes and tries to drill them into the bench. He also enjoys the cleanup of putting them back into the drawer. My 3 ½ year old likes to hammer the nails in and pull them back out as fast as she can, and my 7-year old makes patterns with the colors.”

In addition to the workbench itself, the set includes a storage drawer, electric bolt driver, hammer, a colorful supply of 60 bolts and 60 nails, and a guide with 10 patterns. Although we can’t promise family harmony in every home, we can ensure future fans of This Old House many hours of hammering and drilling their way to fun.

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