Dinosaur Train

Ages: 4 - 7Producer: The Jim Henson Company Rating: TV Y - All Children

Dinosaur Train is a half-hour animated series developed by The Jim Henson Company. It follows the adventures of T-Rex Buddy and his adopted Pteranodon family as they travel to different regions to learn fascinating facts about prehistoric animals.

In A Brand New Species Part I & Part II, the gang discovers an intact skeleton. They transport it to Troondon Academy where paleontologists announce they’ve discovered a new species from the Early Jurassic period.  The paleontologists and the train Conductor bestow upon the kids the honor of naming this new species, and young T-Rex Buddy takes the task seriously.  He begins to fret, however, when he realizes it also means making a presentation to a group of scientists.  The kids work together to learn about the species’ characteristics, and even travel to the region where this dinosaur would have lived to learn more.

In another episode, Don’s Hole-iday, the gang invents a holiday for digging holes (a.k.a. a hole-iday) and they recruit an Oryctodromeus dinosaur called to help.  Since the name literally translates to “digging runner,” that hole-iday becomes quite festive!

Dinosaurs are a popular staple of kidhood and Dinosaur Train delivers with entertaining storylines, reliable instruction in the scientific method, peppy songs, bright graphics, and educationally sound information presented in age-appropriate language.


Gina Catanzarite ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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