Duo Scope

Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: C&A Scientific

With two lenses for optimal viewing, this “first” microscope has a lot to offer. The dual light sources let scientists examine slides as well as 3D objects. The microscope features a 10X eyepiece; 4X, 10X, 40X objectives, up to 400X Magnification, and dual focusing knobs. In addition to the microscope, the kit includes four prepared slides, five blank slides, one concave slide, cover glass, a plastic dropper, stain, lens paper, forceps, a test tube, a petri dish, and an easy to follow and age appropriate experiment guide that emboldened our testers to predict, experiment, write, and document their learning. The required 3 AA batteries are not included.

Our young testers were captivated. To get the hang of things, they started by looking at the four prepared slides. After having been bitten by the microscope bug, they then began a treasure hunt through the house gathering things from paper clips and pet hair, and even a forgotten orange rind to submit to the powers of magnification. The hunt continued outdoors to find leaves, bugs, pebbles and a petrified something or other. Moms feigned a petrified protest, which served to encourage the exploration. (Clever Moms)

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