E-Blox Circuit Blox-72

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: E-Blox Inc.

As the name signals, Circuit Blox are building bricks that can be configured to conduct electricity. The 35-piece set includes bricks, a maze, hand-crank generator, light-up heart and star shapes, push button and reed switches and more; the easy-to-follow manual offers 72 projects that conduct electricity to produce different effects. Three AA batteries are required for some activities.


Here’s what our young testers learned: depending on where they’re placed, and in which direction they’re facing, the “blox” conduct electricity and cause other pieces to light up or make noise.


One of our 14-year old testers played with this set for three hours on the first day of our testing period — and this is a child who can only focus on video games for that long. Reports are that he continues to talk about it and play with it for about an hour at a time, explaining fundamentals of electricity, current, and voltage to his little brother and sisters.


Some of the favorite projects were those with lights as well as the “nerve tester”: a wire maze navigated with a metal wand. If the wand hits the wire it produces a loud buzzing sound (think: the game “Operation”), which everyone loved. Some testers joked that this is a test for aspiring surgeons and challenged each other to see who has the steadiest hand.


Appealing, well priced and (wait for it) compatible with other building bricks, this set sparks learning, creativity and fascinating discussion.


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