Easy Clean Bath Squirters

Ages: 1 and upManufacturer: Sago Mini


Crowned “the best looking toys in the tub,” the Sago Mini Bath Squirters instantly charmed our young captains of the bath. Our Jack (and Jacqueline) Sparrows led many a voyage of squirting and floating and chatting away with Harvey, Robin, Jinja and Jack as the characters hopped and/or lounged on a frosted donut, a popsicle, a swan or a classic Mediterranean blue striped float.


Our parent testers applauded the easy to clean BPA and Phthalate-free materials. But they gave heaps of sudsy thumbs up to the well-designed play.


Claire Green ©2018 Parents’ Choice

As president of Parents’ Choice Foundation, Claire applauds toys and media that unleash children’s interests and celebrate the fun of learning.

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