Everlasting Nora

Ages: 8 - 11Producer: Macmillan Audio


After a fire takes the life of her father, destroying her home and the neighborhood where she grew up, 12-year-old Nora and her mother find temporary shelter at a squatter-filled cemetery in Manila. They sleep each night on the cold stone floors of the three-walled mausoleum where her father and grandparents are buried, and Nora spends her days selling garlands of dried flowers outside the cemetery gates and her evenings playing hide-and-seek behind the tombstones with the other children who live among the graves and sepulchers. When her mother fails to return home one evening, Nora sets out to find her, embarking on a dangerous adventure that leads her into the corrupt underworld of late-night gambling and into violent confrontations with a local thug named Tiger, who steals her money and most cherished possession and leaves her bound and gagged in an abandoned vault. Together, Nora and her devoted friend JoJo defeat Tiger and his brutish accomplices and recover the money needed to secure medical treatment for her mother, who is suffering from a life-threatening infection. Marie Miranda Cruz’s debut novel provides young readers with a stark, unflinching portrayal of life among the society’s outcasts – and an inspiring account of the courage, perseverance, and selfless devotion with which people under such conditions care for one another. Sensitively narrated by actress Amielynn Abellera, Everlasting Nora is filled with words from the colorful Tagalog dialect spoken by Nora and her mother. A complete glossary of Tagalog words used in the story in provided in both audio and pdf format.

David Shirley ©2019 Parents’ Choice

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