Ages: 5 - 12Manufacturer: eat2explore Subscription Price: $ 24.95 per Month

Eat2Explore is an educational subscription product for children (ages 5 to 12) and their parents that combines hands-on cooking instructions in international cuisine with opportunities for learning about the individual countries from which the various cuisines originate. Each month, subscribers receive a box in the mail that includes recipes for preparing three separate meals from a featured country, along with all of the essential sauces, spices, and grain mixes needed to complete the meals, shopping lists for additional ingredients, and any unusual utensils (citrus reamers, herb strippers, children’s chopsticks, etc.) needed to prepare or enjoy the meal.

The instructions for food preparation are divided into clear, easy to follow individual stages, each of which is rated according to its appropriateness for specific age groups. The recipes are imaginative and fun to prepare, the specialty ingredients are of the highest quality, and – based on the Ethiopian doro wat, the Japanese salmon teriyaki, and the French salmon en papillote which were prepared for the current review – the finished meals are delicious. In addition to the recipes, specialty ingredients, and instructions for preparation, each box also includes country collectibles (pins, stickers, imitation passports) and colorfully printed activity sheets filled with facts, illustrations, games, and other exercises for learning about the history, language, and culture of the featured country. Recipe kits are currently available for Europe (France, Spain, Italy, and Greece), Asia (China, India, Japan, and Singapore), Central and South America (Mexico and Brazil), Africa (Morocco and Ethiopia), and the Middle East (Israel and Lebanon). The cost of Eat2Explore is $24.95 per month, plus $5 for shipping.

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