Explorer: Bugs!

Ages: 7 - 11Publisher: What on Earth Books Author: Nick ForshawIllustrator: William Exley


What on Earth’s “Explorer: Bugs!” boasting a six-foot-long timeline tracks the evolution of the species from 520 million years ago to the present.

For bug-eyed young readers, the tiny critters in these pages will prove lasting and fascinating. This book’s 38 pages (plus the expandable timeline pages) are encyclopedic in examining, in short and illustrative items, multitudes of creepy, crawlies-everything from millipedes and spiders, to butterflies and bees, to mosquitos and ants-and with exceptional illustrations, large and small. It covers how bugs survived and evolved, how they live through their lifecycles today, even how they get along with humans (or not). It also features scientists important in understanding bugs, along with an index and glossary, plus a couple pages of brainteasers reminiscent of a pop quiz.

While the timeline that unfolds larger than the kitchen table is the rock star of this book, any child interested in the insect world is likely to make a beeline for “Explorer: Bugs!”

Don Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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