First Shapes Squares and Triangles

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: Banana Panda Inc.


The right-sized box of First Shapes Squares and Triangles is a set of eight sturdy and colorful puzzles. All puzzle cards are square, but the pieces to be matched are either square or triangle. The designs vary from the practical and recognizable (house, clock face) to the cheerful (spaceship, robot, fish tank) the whimsical (dog in a train) and the abstract (die) and the stunning (fox). Correct matches were satisfying, and silly matches (the robot face on the house, the clock face in the train) raised eyebrows and questions. Shape and color recognition, matching and sorting skills were all at play.

Claire Green ©2019 Parents’ Choice

As president of Parents’ Choice Foundation, Claire applauds toys and media that unleash children’s interests and celebrate the fun of learning.

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