Fish Out Germs-An Adventure About Healing

Ages: 4 - 7Manufacturer: MEandMine, Inc.


The delightfully illustrated Fish Out Germs storybook guides parents and their young learners through how the body heals from infection. Children learn that platelets, portrayed here as Repair Minions, are the body’s bandages; that white blood cells are the Immune Minions, and not all bacteria are bad. And perhaps most important: hand washing, a good diet, and sleep are key to building and maintaining a healthy immune system.

The hands-on learning centers around a pond where children assemble germs from pompoms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and paper clips, make platelets that look like bandages, and fish out germs with a DIY Immune Minion fishing rod. All supplies are included.

When one of our parent testers cut his finger in the kitchen, his three-year old said. “It’s OK! Your minions will help you make you better!”

Lesson learned!


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