Five Little Fish

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Ravensburger

Our young testers were immediately hooked on this colorful fishing game. From 2 – 5 players use their turn-taking, memory, matching and fine motor skills to find, catch and/or release the colorful plastic fish with retractable tails.

The youngest player turns over a Lily Pad card to reveal the catch of the turn. The player then hooks the plastic fish in hopes its tail matches the color of the tail on the overturned card. If it’s a match, that player keeps the fish and puts the Lily Pad card in the discard pile. No match? The fish is put back on the table, the Lily Pad card is placed face down, and the next player takes a turn.

If a player turns over a Lily Pad card with a rainbow fish, she slides one plastic fish toward her being careful not to reveal the color of the tail. If a player overturns a grumpy frog card, he must return one of his plastic fish to the center while keeping the color of the tail hidden. When all Lily Pad cards have been discarded, the player with the most fish in front of them wins.

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