Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Hape International Inc.

Made of durable, yet eco-friendly bamboo sticks that connect into flexible silicone connectors, these sets offers new twists on building.

With sets ranging from Geodetic Structures to a working Jib Crane to the Eiffel Tower, Flexi Stik span a breadth of interests. Each set comes with an enclosed booklet containing sample building projects, but our testers loved designing their own projects, including a “football” that stayed connected during the throws of play.

Although seemingly simple in design, the sets offer so many options in sizes and lengths of the bamboo sticks and connectors, that our testers continued to be challenged (in a good way). While the measurements are in millimeters, an enclosed conversion chart with a diagram of each size of stick makes it easy to figure out which size stick is needed to complete a project.

Our testers appreciated the sustainability of this product as well as the packages brief description of bamboo as a renewable resource. Inside and out, the Flexi Stix line gave our testers lots to think about.

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